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The Playground!


After a long wait and after a delayed opening, the new toy train finally arrived!  Our thanks to Lambeth Landscapes for their help during the long wait.

Kennington Park's playground used to be located next door to the Camberwell New Road, close to the Astroturf and the Lido that closed in 1988. The Friends of Kennington Park raised money and in 2006 a new playground was opened on a site that had formerly been some old tennis courts, in the heart of the park.

The playground has a range of children's play equipment and a sandpit. Additionally there are children's toilets - these are for the use of children ONLY.

There are a number of bye laws that protect the use of the Park's facilities, including the children's playground. A copy of the Lambeth Parks, Byelaws for pleasure grounds, public walks and open spaces can be downloaded here.

In relation to the playground, we draw attention in particular to Part 4, s19 and s20:

Children’s play areas


19. No person aged 14 years or over shall enter or remain to enter in a designated area which is a children's play area unless bona fide in charge of a child under the age of 14 years.

Children’s play apparatus


20. No person aged 14 years or over shall use any apparatus stated to be for the exclusive use of persons under the age of 14 years by a notice conspicuously displayed on or near the apparatus.

In the south-east corner of the park extension, near John Ruskin Street, there is a small playground for toddlers, and a climbing tower with slide. Both were recently refurbished by Southwark Council.

The Friends of Kennington Park are working with Lambeth Council to identify funds that could update and extend the playground.

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