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Dog walking area


During the many years of work on the Northern Line Extension (NLE), the dog walking area transferred from the (north) Kennington Park Place end of the park (close to the war memorial) to an area along the boundary of the Astroturf tennis courts, by the path that leads to the Camberwell New Road.

Following the completion of the Northern Line Extension work, it took some time for the dog walking area to be re opened.  There was then the problem of the boggy area in the middle, FLO/TFL came back in late October to sort out the drainage.  The area was re-seeded, but is still fenced off.  It will be kept under review to see if the grass grows.  We are still awaiting the promised benches and bins.  The other issue has been the new trees in the meadow grass area along Kennington Park Place, these are not thriving.  This has been taken up with FLO/TFL.

The "temporary" dog area by the tennis courts will remain.


December 2022



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