Dog walking area


During the many years of work on the Northern Line Extension (NLE), the dog walking area has transferred from the Kennington Park Place end of the park (close to the war memorial) to an area along the boundary of the Astroturf tennis courts, by the path that leads to the Camberwell New Road.

Once the NLE work has been completed the dog walking area will be reinstated, with new fencing, new trees planted and grass sown. This will probably be  in mid- to late- 2021. The Friends attend the regular meetings with the NLE/TFL and FLO staff to ensure that this item  remains on the Agenda!

Several meetings have  been held  to discuss the arrangements and the planting.

During the Covid19 lockdown work on the NLE was temporarily suspended, but from the end of May 2020, the work re-started.  The timetable is:


Work on the brick facade of the headhouse to be completed August 2020 - delayed

Work on installing mechanical and electrical equipment inside the head house to be completed Autumn 2020

Removal of the concrete hardstanding inside the works site, landscaping works and re-instatement of new roads and paving to be completed by Winter 2020 - delayed

Removal of the main hoarding in Autumn 2020 (delayed), though access to the headhouse will be required until 2021. The park will remain fenced off.

Tree planting in Spring 2021 - delayed. (FOKP will be discussing the timing as winter is best for tree planting)

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