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​​Kennington park cafe - open


A  historic building in the centre of the park, dating from 1897, it was closed from the end of January  2018 when Chris Michael gave up his  lease.


Dominic and Charlotte from the Sugar Pot on Kennington Road  are the new leaseholders. After a lengthy delay with planning issues and lots of work on the building, the cafe re-opened on 7 June 2019. It is called "Collective" - website here.

Prior to the Covid19 outbreak the cafe had seating inside seating for customers and they were offering ‘order at the counter’ table service with hot and cold drinks, cakes, ice-cream and pizza and  salads.  Outside there are picnic-style benches and tables.  The cafe has a large  pizza oven producing delicious organic pizzas and there are countertop spaces with bar stools and some tables.


Since May 2021, the covered bench seating outside the cafe has been in use. Currently, you must wear a face mask when ordering at the counter.

The cafe toilet is not open to customers.


The menu is Neapolitan Organic Sourdough pizza, salads, coffee, tea, cakes and ice cream



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