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Welcome to The Friends of  Kennington Park


About the Friends

The Friends of Kennington Park is a voluntary organisation set up 20 years ago to improve the park. We became a registered charity in 2020. The park is run by Lambeth Council. The Friends work with Lambeth to help keep the park in good shape and bring improvements and new facilities for the ever-increasing number of visitors. 

Current planning & work in progress includes the restoration of the iconic skatebowl, updating the children's playground, modernising the toilet facilities and improving the drains and pathways.

It was our 20th birthday last year! And we'd love to make more friends!
Would you like to join us? Click here to get involved and really  make a difference!

Kennington Park is open seven days a week. The park gates are locked at dusk.


The Friends of Kennington Park Parklife newsletter is  now available 

Our 2022 edition celebrates 20 years of making the park better view here

It's January and it's cold – so it must be RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch!

Join us in the park on Sunday 29th January to take part in this annual citizen science project. Every birdwatch helps the RSPB learn more about how our birds are doing, so your help makes a difference. And it’s fun to do.

We’ll be outside the park café between 11am and 2pm, with RSPB bird charts and info sheets to help you identify and record the birds you spot. The park's colourful parakeets will no doubt be there too!

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