Frequently Asked Questions

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Kennington Park fountain

Who is responsible for managing the park?
Most of the park falls under the control of Lambeth council although there is a small part of the extension that is controlled by Southwark council.
Lambeth’s Park Departments make the decisions about how the park is managed but some of the work is contracted out to other organisations. Veolia are responsible for cleaning and horticulture and Greenwich Leisure Ltd manage the sports facilities within the Astro Turf compound.

Who should I report a problem to?
The Parks department need to know if something isn’t right. Contact them on 020 7926 9000 or at
You can reach Lara Mifsud Bonici, Area Parks Manager, on 020 7926 1000 or at
If it’s crime or anti-social behaviour contact the Oval Safer Neighbourhood police team on 020 8721 3592 or Lambeth council on 0207 926 4000. If it’s an emergency, call 999.

    How can I support the Friends?
    You can support the Friends’ work to improve the park by
  • joining the Friends –as a voluntary group who receive no funding to cover our running costs we rely on donations. Sign up now and please remember to add a donation to your subscription
  • volunteering – whatever you’re interested in, however much you can help, please get in touch. You don’t have to join the committee or even commit to giving a certain amount of time each week
  • donating to the rose bed appeal - £10 will buy a couple of roses and help us rejuvenate the flower beds for everyone to enjoy. Donate now
  • sponsoring a bench – a park bench with a plaque is a great way to remember a loved one or mark a special occasion. We can help find the bench and the right location. Email us for more details

How can I book a football pitch or tennis court?
Please note that the Friends group cannot take bookings for the sports facilities. To book a tennis court or Astro Turf pitch call 0845 130 8998.

Who do I complain to about problems with events in the park?
Please contact Lambeth’s Event Department on 0207 926 6207 or email

The Astro Turf compound is managed by Greenwich Leisure Limited