Space to breathe

With its trees, plants, shrubs and formal flower beds, the park is a magnet for people and wildlife alike.

The displays in the Flower Garden have been one of the park’s highlights ever since it was first created in the 1930s. You can find more on the park’s horticultural history in the Friends’ publication Green & Pleasant Land. The Friends are currently pursuing an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund which will see the Flower Garden undergo a major renovation.

Kennington Park treesThe park boasts a huge variety of trees and you can discover them in a tree walk leaflet. And the Nature Trail with its activity packs brings children into closer contact with – and a deeper understanding of – the natural world around them.

The park is a relatively small space and is heavily used. Please respect both the park, the maintenance staff and other park users by putting litter and dog waste in the separate bins provided and by not allowing children or dogs to damage plants and trees.